Diva Challenge ~ #285 “Relax bro.”

Hello there, 🤗 well this weeks Diva Challenge was a “God Sent’ for me!  😉  I haven’t tangled in two weeks…getting ready for company and then having my husbands elderly parents down for a week.  We had a wonderful time..busy, busy, busy however, no taking time out for oneself so when this challenge arrived from the Diva, instructing to ‘consciously make a space for oneself and tangle like no one was watching’, it was just what I needed!  I put my favorite American Native flute music on, found a quiet space and tangled away and loved every minute of it.  It’s been awhile since I’ve just tangled whatever came to mind.  My tile is a circle of Viaduct with tipple and Zen Buds, which I’ve drawn before, but never put onto a tile, for some reason.  Zen Buds seemed very appropriate for this challenge I think!  😊  Hope you all are having a great week and thanks for stopping!


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